Her Hacker Husband (working title)

A little snippet from the opening of a first-draft work in progress…

Let me start by saying I might be crazy, but I am pretty sure I’m not.  I fully believe my husband is cheating on me (maybe worse) and using different programs that he has either written or found to help him do it.

 I know nothing about programming so I would not be able to tell you if what I think is happening is possible, but if it is, I want someone to help me find out. Is it possible to hack into someone’s phone and watch every move they make? Eavesdrop on their conversations? Control what they see or don’t see on their phone? I think he has added software or programmed my phone to keep me from finding out what he is doing behind my back and to spy on me.

 I am looking for someone willing to help me find out if he has added code to my phone to keep me from viewing files and track me, find out what he’s up to, and help me find proof that I’m not crazy…

 Anyone interested please email. Discretion is of the utmost importance.


Jenna was fairly satisfied with the posting she was about to make on the local electronic classified site. She stared blankly at the computer screen, hesitating to publish the ad, holding the hoodoo shop receipt that she’d found in his jacket pocket. It still smelled like perfume. She must have written it a hundred times to try to make it sound logical and reasonable. Eventually, she realized there was no way to write the ad without sounding like a lunatic. So, she decided to get that out of the way in the first sentence. Then maybe someone might actually take her seriously and contact her, despite better judgment. Hopefully, she didn’t end up hiring a lunatic given what she was asking. She knew if she were in his or her shoes she would feel the same way, but she had to know. There were too many coincidences, too many unanswered questions, not the least of which was whether or not she was out of her mind.


Excerpt from Lux Lucis Proeliator

Here we go…it’s been a while friends and fiends of the blogosphere. I’ve been busy with a number of things including writing my first novel. The following is an excerpt from my newly finished novel Lux Lucis Proeliator (The Light Warriors) in which we meet James Brigand. Irish, doctor, and high-ranking Proeliator who doesn’t know it yet. Feedback is welcome and certainly considered.

Somewhere in the chilling drizzle doctor James Brigand thought he heard and even more chilling sound. An unearthly howling yanked him out of his lucid meditative state. It must have been that damned O’connell dog howling again, he thought he remembered some kind of warning about this kind of howling. Yes, there it was again, then a yelp, then silence. O’connell must have thrown a shoe at the animal as he often did to make shush him up, but then James realized it was too quiet. Rising from his meditation rug, and moving silently across the stone floor to the back window on bare feet, he drew back the curtain just a crack to see if he could see the dog in the back yard adjacent to his own. It was quite foggy and the drizzle had been coming down for days, but none of that changed what he saw with his own two eyes. Something was eating O’Connell’s dog alive and it was not animal nor human. In fact he wasn’t completely sure what it was he was looking at, but it somehow seemed vaguely familiar. Although James was sure he had but slit of the curtain open the creature locked eyes with him. Its eyes were red and wild, and strips of flesh and fur hung from its bloody maw that was lined with pointy, razor sharp teeth. It looked somewhat like Grogoch, but the Grogoch were benevolent creatures that helped with planting and domestic things asking nothing more than a jug of cream for their trouble. The Grogoch would certainly not eat one’s dog. The next thing James knew the creature had appeared at his window, just the other side of the glass. Its hideous jaws wide open and snarling like a rabid animal.