Gracie the Cat – A Rescued Friend

Gracie the cat (a Burman mix, which is one half of the original Ragdoll) was rescued on fine day from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. Being an experienced cat owner, her new meow-ma had spent months diligently searching for just the right cat to add to the family after an appropriate mourning time for the previous cat who had passed away. I know some people aren’t cat people but after not having a cat for a while we found we missed having one around (we are both dog and cat people).

Gracie’s new meow-ma was not able to take her home right away as Gracie was due for the obligatory clip and snip and microchip. So her meow-ma picked her up the next day. She spent the first week at home hiding, in her crate, or behind the curtain thinking that no one could see her rear end below the bottom of the curtain or her bushy tail sticking out. She was less than a year old and scared. Gracie’s new family gave her the space she needed to heal and get used to her new home, but checked her stitches regularly and made sure to interact with her in a gentle and friendly way a few times per day.

After a while of cohabitation with her new family Gracie came out of her shell to be the beautiful, sweet, loving, and playful kitty her adopted meow-ma knew she would be. She was skinny and matted when she arrived, but diligent brushing and attention improved her coat and her appetite. Soon she had to be on an eating schedule because she was getting chubby.

Gracie is now a happy and healthy cat who trusts enough in her new family to make a habit of lying around on her back with her belly exposed, somewhat unusual for cats, but not unheard of. She L-O-V-E-S tummy rubs and will walk up to just about anyone and flip over on her back with a trill in her voice as if to tell them what she wants. She is not the most graceful of cats, hence the name “Gracie”. She often falls off the back of the couch or off the windowsill, and many times she missed her mark when trying to jump up on a windowsill but she always recovers in true cat fashion with a flick of her tail and an air of “I meant to do that.” Sometimes she just slides off the couch on her back like liquid pouring out of a pitcher. Sometimes she runs around literally bouncing off the walls and if one of her favorite toys are lost, she’ll cry about it until you help her find it.

Most of the time she’s sleeping…on her back.

In fact, now one has to wonder if she sleeps any other way.

Oh yeah, she does. All together now…Awwwww!

If you are looking for a four-legged friend, I seriously urge you to consider adopting a shelter or rescue animal. Shelter and rescue animals are some of the most loving, grateful and beautiful friends anyone could ask for! Do your homework, figure out what breeds might be right for you then take your time finding your new friend. A pet should be a lifetime commitment. Go ahead, take a trip to your local shelter and see what kind of awesome friends await!

Have you adopted a rescue animal? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂