Movie Review – The Avengers. See it. Feel Puny. Be thoroughly entertained.

Every so often I see a movie, hear music, see art, that I just have to share. I’ll write up a review and share it in hopes of showing others what’s out there. I believe that many of us just don’t have enough fun in life so when I find something fun I tend to shout it from the rooftops. This is one of those times.

I must open with a recommendation – to get the full entertainment impact of The Avengers (rated PG-13) you should have at least seen Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor or at least be familiar with the marvel comics versions of these characters. You should also be familiar with The Incredible Hulk. Although the movie is highly entertaining in its own right, knowing these characters in their recent movie setting adds a certain amount of depth.

That having been said and being familiar with said movies I am happy to report that I had a great time at this movie. My only disappointment was not knowing enough about superspy, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and outlaw archer, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, but knowing that this movie is based on Marvel Comics, and not being a big fan of comic books, I take responsibility for not doing my research on this before I went to the movie. Hence my recommendation above. You can find out more about any of the characters by checking out the IMDb page on The Avengers.

In The Avengers Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, forms a group super human super heroes that are highly unlikely to succeed in cooperating with each other, into a kind of global threat response team. He pits this team against Thor’s bat crazy brother and his evil army to save humanity. That’s all I’m going to say about the plot because I don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t seen it but are wondering if it’s worth the price of the ticket. Laughs, scifi gadgets galore, and terrific action. Yes, it’s worth the ticket.

Two-time Oscar Nominee, Robert Downey Jr. delivers what he does best as Tony Stark/Ironman. Hot, arrogant, bad boy/genius that really does have a heart under all that bravado…maybe. Ladies want to be with him and guys want to be him, but he doesn’t play well with others.

Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo delivers a great version of Bruce Banner the science and the man with a tortured soul behind the Hulk. His scruffy nature and cool façade can’t hide the anger that boils beneath the surface just waiting for an excuse to turn into a big green monster and start smashing everything in sight.

Chris Hemsworth, winner of ShoWest and Logie Awards, and teen Choice and People’s Choice nominee is Thor, true king of Asgard and brother to the bat crazy Loki. What can I say, Chris could be doing just about anything and it wouldn’t really matter to me because he’s hot! Hot! Hot! Seriously though, when the ego of a demigod and that of a bad/boy genius, or Hulk-ing monster collide, incredible action ensues.

The beautiful Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to the big screen. She’s been nominated for four Golden Globe awards and can be seen in Iron Man 2 among a myriad of other films. She brings the heart, edged with a little crazy to Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Oh, and this woman kicks some serious behind.

If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Renner, keep him on your radar. The Avengers isn’t the only blockbuster movie he’s worked on. Action seems to be his forte and he’s been a part of Mission Impossible 5, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, and Thor. I’m sure we will be seeing more of this guy. His boyish looks belie how dangerous he truly is.

Gwyneth Paltrow, an Oscar winning actress, is a superstar in her own right and plays Tony Starks right-hand gal/girlfriend, Pepper Potts. She’s beautiful, she’s got it together, and she seems to deftly handle Tony Stark when others are stymied to say the least.

Oscar nominee and winner of numerous other awards during his illustrious career, Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, referred to as simply the Director. Nick reports to a council in charge of this international intelligence agency, but like any good soldier guided by his heart, honor and a higher calling (and with a ton of secrets), he doesn’t always obey the council and can be quite dangerous.

Winner of various awards in the UK for his performances in film and on stage, Tom Hiddleston, is Loki. The brother that has lived in Thor’s shadow all his life only to find out that he’s not really and Asgardian at all. Driven insane by his long-held jealousy of his brother who has always been favored in his eyes and this new information, Loki raises an army to invade the home of Thor’s favored people – Earth. Loki hopes to gain revenge and ultimate power in the form of the tesseract.

The Avengers also boasts an awesome supporting cast including Cobie Smulders, of How I Met Your Mother fame and Stellan Skarsgard who also appeared in Angels and Demons and Mama Mia!

The Avengers is an action-packed, funny, and somehow inspirational film that’s just plain good times. Stay through the credits.