About Me

I’m just your average 40-something woman. I’m a mother, wife, worker, writer, daughter, sister, and many other things. I’ve been a fast food worker, customer service rep, baker, hairdresser, jewelry maker, receptionist, administrative assistant, purchasing coordinator for a catalog company, membership coordinator for a nonprofit, HR Assistant, HR Coordinator, and a Director of Chapter Affairs at yet another nonprofit. I hold a bachelor degree in business/HR management, an honorary doctorate in religious philosophy, a cosmetology license, and I’m an ordained minister. And now I’m adding Writer, and hope to add Published Author to that list. Are you dizzy yet? Obviously, I have an eclectic range of interests and this blog is going to reflect that. I’ll be posting erratically about whatever floats my boat at the time. Writing, books, music, spirituality, philosophy, cooking, entertainment, travel, anything is fair game. My novels and stories tend toward the paranormal, urban fantasy, and a bit of horror and sci-fi. 

I can almost count the things I enjoy most on one hand – writing, reading, food, travel, animals, people, and this amazing planet we live on. Okay, not quite on one hand.

I have arm-chair traveled extensively all over the world yet I never saw an ocean or left the U.S. until I was over 40. The first time I saw the ocean was the first time I was impressed by anything that so much as held a candle to the Rocky Mountains, which I so proudly live at the foot of in Colorado Springs, CO as a 2nd generation native. I live here with my husband, kooky cat and neurotic dog.  My grandchildren moved in with us not too long ago and now I’m a “soccer grandma.” Other sights I’ve had the privilege of visiting include Chichen Itza, Ik Kil Cenote, Tulum, the Mayan Riviera, Cozumel, Mt. Rushmore and the beginnings of the Crazy Horse memorial, The Grand Canyon, The Mississippi River, the Las Vegas Strip, La Jolla California, Seaworld, the Four Corners, Mesa Verde, and most other areas of Colorado. It’s a short list, I know, but I’m working on it.

Food is a serious passion of mine. There is nothing better than food that is well prepared and tasty too. I think I inherited my passion for good food from my mother and my late Granny who are/were both phenomenal cooks and bakers. My husband says my cuisine is so good because I “put the love in it”. I guess I do. I love how ingredients can dance together in a dish and not only nourish the body, but also the soul. I think that’s important. I think intention is important in cooking, angry cooking = bad mojo and probably burnt flapjacks. Let’s face it, no one likes eating charcoal Frisbees.

Reading has always been my favorite hobby. I’ll read anywhere, but I won’t waste your time getting Dr. Seussian. I read under the blankets with a flashlight after bedtime when I was a kid. I can’t remember a time when I was not reading books. When my mother gave me a Kindle to celebrate my graduation from college (yup, did that after I turned 40 too), I nearly jumped up and down like a little kid. The Kindle opened up a whole new world of freebies and low-priced books in addition to mainstream priced books. I have been riding the wave with ecstatic glee ever since and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future although there are some books that are still best in print.

Looking back on my life so far I find I have spent a great deal of my life totally avoiding something that makes me most happy in lieu of practicality. functionality, and putting food on the table. This activity is difficult. Family and friends are not always supportive, and it requires great heart, sacrifice, and wrestling with inner demons on a daily basis. This activity is not for the thin of skin or faint of heart. It’s called…writing.

So now with the courage of a typical 40-something woman who is secure in the knowledge of who she is, if not what she is. I face my fears and do the thing that I have always been afraid of doing and at the same time have wanted to do my whole life. I hope to make this blog inspirational for writers like me, taking their first tentative and terrifying steps toward becoming published authors. I have two novels in progress and I’m also working on various short stories, a couple of which I’ve submitted to the powers that be. I am so stoked to be on this journey and look forward to sharing it. Feedback and comments are always most welcome. See you around the bend!

P.S. (All pictures on Round the Bend are originals unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use any of my photography please ask and give credit where credit is due. Thanks!)


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