Warning: Ugly Questions Ahead

I originally posted this as a facebook post, but upon further review and feedback from others I’ve decided to share it here as well.

Is part of the reason we are so up in arms about the latest figurehead’s intentions to cut funds for programs benefiting the public in any way because we know that not enough of us care enough to care for our fellow human being without being “forced” to through taxation? I spent years working in the nonprofit sector. Much of this is not news and has been slowly eroding for a long time.

Have we really become so depraved as a species in general that we are willing to outright let people die? Let the arts die? Let compassion die? Or would we take up the slack and work together in the same way that we worked together to shed the yoke of British rule, to stop Nazi tyranny, and to create a new nation that had become a power to be reckoned with? The same innovative people, as a whole, who created these very things that are in jeopardy right now? Maybe we just don’t want to work that hard anymore. Have we become that complacent? Are we so filled with fear that we’d rather make liars out of ourselves than receive The tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free air? Are we so selfish and greedy that we would watch another suffer when it’s within our power to prevent it?

I sure hope not. And I know this much – It is and always has been up to each of us as individuals to make daily decisions that will or will not make the world just a little better. A little brighter. A little more compassionate. A little closer. A little less greedy. A little more giving. A little less fear-full. A little more loving. It has always been and always will be this way. All groups are made of individuals with similar qualites or mindsets. You have to open yourself to what’s going on around you instead of keeping your head down in your own little world. Citizen, educate yourself in a well-rounded way, then figure out where you can help out. This is your country too. Our unity has been broken for some time, our brass tarnished, and I’m ashamed of that, but it doesn’t mean that it’s irreparable. I, for one, choose to strive for the better through exercising things like kindness, love, respect, and personal responsibility. And I sincerely hope that there are more people like me and that together, we can tip the balance regardless of what politics creates or undoes. #onepersonatatime