The Return of the Bounty of Good (or even moderate) Health

As some of you may recall (if you’re still interested) I ran into some issues and put my blog in hiatus for a few months while I took care of…well…me. Some health issues had landed me in the hospital and subsequent surgery was required to fix me up. All this caused havoc with my existing diabetic condition, which has landed me dependent on insulin at this point.

Yet all that having been said, I have to add, Oh my GOD do I feel so much better! Physically I think I may have just gone backwards ten years! I have some catching up to do as far as being in shape, but I guess that’s the subtle difference. I may not be in as good of shape as I’d like to be, but I’m healthier than I’ve been in some time and that gives me the energy and endurance to get in even better shape. This is a key that cost me dearly.

Continuing to push along as things get harder and harder and you get more and more tired is a sign that something more is going on. Physically or mentally, there’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself, but the challenge should energize you, not feel like it’s destroying you. There are times when “suck it up and drive on” just doesn’t apply. Who knew???

What’s more, when a major life event knocks you on your arse, I’ve found that it’s valuable to look into why that might be. I’m not talking about physical cause and effect, I’m talking about much deeper correlations. Spiritual correlations. Even now we are learning that when we get sick, it’s not just our body that is sick, something in our spirit, or our soul is out of balance or sick too. Could sickness be the higher self or Spirit trying to get our attention? Could it be trying to slow us down and make us take a look at where we might be in our lives as opposed to where we truly want to or should be? I believe, at the very least, that it offers an opportunity for some introspective stock-taking. Perhaps if I would have been paying better attention, life wouldn’t have had to konk me over the head to tell me that something was amiss.

Nevertheless I am so glad to be back and so happy to be writing again. Have you experienced an event that changed your life or made to stop and truly take stock in your life? Have you experienced a setback only to find that it was one of the best things that ever happened to you? Did you change your priorities because you were somehow forced to be still for a while? I’d love to hear your thoughts.