Road Trip Day 2 – Craters, Canyons, and Casinos!

After a somewhat restful night at the new Best Western in Winslow, AZ. We arose at the crack of dawn to grab some breakfast and head back toward the open road and the Grand Canyon, but first, we had to make a stop at a key location in one of the books I’ve been working on. Meteor, AZ, home of the largest confirmed meteor impact site in the world, is truly a big hole, which would lend perspective to our next destination that hubby had deem a “big hole in the ground”. We arrived at the site of the meteor impact a half hour before they opened. Once inside we took mass amounts of pictures of said hole in the ground and I gained some details that are usually left out of most reports on the place (for my book, yay!). As we were snapping picture after picture of the crater in the desert, it occurred to me how many pictures of a big hole in the ground does one really need? This begged the question Why DO tourists have to take so many pictures of stuff? I guess it has to do with trying desperately to make memories and to get that perfect shot. This is as close as I could get of the meteor crater in Meteor, AZ at 8am in the morning.

Once we saw this big hole in the ground we were on to see an even bigger one that was millions of years in the making as opposed to the ten seconds it took to make the meteor crater. This was my third trip to the Grand Canyon and I was still looking forward to seeing it. It’s never the same and always beautiful.

This time there was some snow and clouds were curling over the north rim. We went up to the top of the watchtower and stopped at many of the viewpoints along the way. We came in from the southwest this time so we got to see the canyon that the little Colorado River was carving too, plus we got to drive through part of the painted desert. The vistas at the Grand Canyon are so magnificent that pictures, I don’t care how professionally done they are, never do it justice…and there are some gorgeous pictures out there. We spent a mere three hours exploring some of the southern rim. One day I would like to go down to the bottom.

Leaving the Grand Canyon behind we headed to our time share in Vegas that would be our home base for the next week. Our drive to Vegas was nearly uneventful except for a fox that ran across the interstate in front of us looking at us like we were the ones that were in the wrong place. The terrain went from desert to mountainous and we managed to squeeze in a stop at the Hoover Dam just before sunset. Whew! It had already been quite a day!

Having a slushy with my sonWe stay at the Grandview Resort, it’s about eight miles south of the main strip so when we want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the strip and get some peace and quiet by the pool, we can. The Grandview is located next to an up and coming hotel/casino called South Point. Time shares have their pros and cons, but this one is nice, has worked out pretty well for us, and we got it dirt cheap. After settling in, we took our newly turned twenty-one son on a quick drive up and down the strip. Then we stopped at New York, New York for some New York style pizza after which we promptly went back to our rooms after midnight and crashed. Hard. Until morning. Ryan, our son was wide-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed, I think, by all the glitz, glam, and people on the strip, but that hasn’t stopped him from going off on his own to find his dad over at the casino as I write this. Good for him!

Stay tuned…more later….

Have you been to Vegas? What’s your favorite thing?


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